Crypto Analytics Tools 2021

As the 2021 crypto bull run heats up, it’s time to revisit out toolkit, that will help us keep tabs on the going-ons in crypto so that we’re always the first to join the party, eat that cake and then leave before anyone notices it.

This will be an evolving list and new tools will be added as we find them, so be sure to bookmark this article and come back periodically.

  1. – cryptocurrency derivatives data analytics (funding rates, liquidations, longs v shorts, etc)
  2. – crypto market insights and analytics
  3. – crypto market tracker and analytics platform
  4. – track activity of DeFi projects (total value locked, dominance, etc.)
  5. – track the latest and hottest crypto projects not yet available on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap (15 min. delay)
  6. – track the latest crypto projects LIVE
  7. – check crypto withdrawal fees before getting burned by sky high fees like BitStamp’s 0.05ETH ($50) Ethereum withdrawal fee!
  8. – watch ETH/BTC transaction fees in real time
  9. – GAS price aggregator
  10. GAS chart – GAS price tracker
  11. – Dapp activity monitor
  12. – ICO/IDO tracker
  13. – ICO/airdrop/event tracker
  14. – crypto news aggregator
  15. – airdrops tracker
  16. – follow bitcoin’s market cycle charts
  17. – revoke dapp authorisations to spend your crypto
  18. – social media sentiment tracker for cryptocurrency markets
  19. – list of public companies holding Bitcoin
  20. – interactive bubble chart of crypto currencies
  21. – track ETH burned after the EIP1559 upgrade
  22. – aggregated order book heatmap for multiple exchanges
  23. – DeFi wallet & portfolio manager
  24. – DeFi wallet & portfolio manager

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How to 5-10x Your Money

Bitcoin is back to making daily headlines on mainstream media channels and given today’s price action, there is little doubt what the BIG topic of conversation was around the Christmas table just a few short days ago. Yes dear readers, the retail traders are well and truly back in crypto land.

Here at Block Throne we are delighted to see our retail friends back in action, because they are just in time for some amazing opportunities for those brave enough to leave the cozy and (relatively) safe confines of the centralised exchanges and venture out into the wild, wild world of 2020’s crypto breakout feature, DeFi.

For those new to crypto, here’s what you’ve missed in the last few months:

During the summer of 2020, a certain thing called DeFi or decentralised finance really took off in a major way. The cornerstone of this mania was a brand new type of exchange, where anyone could list any ERC-20 (Ethereum) token as long as they provided some initial liquidity (i.e. both sides of the trading pair in equal quantities, like 50% ETH and 50% USDC for example). This exchange was called Uniswap. Remember this name as it will be important going forward.

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What a weekend in Crypto!

Hey everybody, how are you all feeling on this crazy day in crypto?

Wow, what a week this has been! Only a few days ago we saw the biggest launch since the 2017-18 ICO mania, with The Graph (GRT) launching on Binance and Coinbase simultaneously and doing a 4x in just a few short days despite the massive 165 million market cap at launch. INCREDIBLE!

At the same time we saw a bunch of small caps like Parsiq (PRQ), Maha DAO (MAHA), Alliance block (ALBT), and a few others pull their own 2,3,4x pumps.

Within the last few weeks we also saw some mid-caps like Elrond (EGLD) and SwissBorg (CHSB) make very impressive gains.

And to top it all off Elon Musk himself contributed to the hype by tweeting one of the best crypto memes of 2020.

Undoubtedly this was brought on by Bitcoin breaking its all time high of 20k on 16. December 2020 and continuing to pump all the way to 24k.

Not surprisingly, we are currently seeing some profit taking goin on, with red numbers more or less across the board on CoinGecko. Hopefully it’s just a short term correction and we will be back making new all time highs sooner rather than later.

If history is anything to go by, 2021 is looking to be a very hot year for crypto with life-changing, face-melting gains on offer for those brave enough to get involved.

On the other hand, with the crazy turmoil goin on in the world right now and the pump seen in the stock market during 2020, we could also see a bigger correction back to more reasonable levels.

As always, we are faced with big risks and big rewards in crypto. Either way, congratulations are definitely in order for everyone who stuck with crypto through this brutal 3 year bear market. Your just rewards lay ahead, so be sure to trade safe, practice proper risk management and don’t get rekt!

Shill Report: Suppoman – TOP 5 CRYPTOS FOR PASSIVE INCOME!! 🤑 Earn $1K+ Per Month? (20/08/2018)

Suppoman is back with another shill, this time promoting passive income of $1,000 per month plus. What an amazing clickbait title BTW.

To save you listening to him babble on for nearly 40 minutes, piercing your eardrums multiple times in the process, here’s what you actually need to know.

His projections assume two things. First is an investment of $10,000 and second, which is fairly out there to say the least, is that the prices of tokens earned from staking these cryptos will increase 20x in the future (not impossible though, just highly unlikely).

So, with that mega assumption out of the way, here are his picks & projected incomes:

1. Fusion (buy 10205 tokens to earn $90 per month currently and potentially $1,800 in the future)

2. Ontology (buy 4245 tokens to earn $57 per month currently and potentially $1,136 in the future)

3. Wechain (buy 737840 tokens to earn $38per month currently and potentially $769 in the future)

4. Cardano (buy 103092 tokens to earn $29per month currently and potentially $574 in the future)

5. Neo (buy 545 tokens to earn $23per month currently and potentially $472 in the future)

So, if you have $10k US greenbacks burning a hole in your pocket, here’s a super risky way to ensure yourself a life of luxury at some stage in the future.

Suppoman effect on price
Suppoman effect on price – see that huge spike just before 21st Aug? He’s still got it!

Also be sure to check out the comments on his video on YouTube for more ideas of great paying coins such as Neblio, Populous, OmiseGo, Pundi X etc.

Alright, that’s it already guys. If you enjoyed this edition be sure to smash up the likes over at our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all again very soon in the next installment of the Shill Report.

Crypto Trader Resources

There are lots of very good resources available out there, and this post will attempt to list them all in one convenient location. Be sure to check back regularly, as this list will keep getting bigger. Alright, enough with the chit chat already, let’s do this:


    • Coin Market Cap – No. 1 site for following crypto prices
    • Trading View – No. 1 site for stock and crypto chart technical analysis
    • BitcoinWisdom – Bitcoin charting tool
    • Live Coin Watch – Alternative to Coin Market Cap with extra features such as portfolio tracking
    • Coincodex – Alternative to Coin Market Cap
    • Coinlib – Alternative to Coin Market Cap
    • Onchainfx – Advanced coin tracker for traders
    • Coin Gecko – Another alternative crypto price tracker
    • Coin Checkup – Tracker with extra features (worth checking out)
    • ATH Coin Index – Track cryptocurrency performance since their all time high prices & market capitalizations
    • ICO Stats – Track token performance relative to its ICO price (hint: many projects are still massively overpriced, despite the 80-90% drops from ATH)
    • RSI Hunter – Price data analysis tool
    • Grafana – Price data analysis tool
    • San Base – Crypto tracker with signals (beta)
    • Bit Info Charts – As the name implies, lots of info and charts (probably the most complete and information dense source you will find)
    • Coin 360 – A great visual crypto market overview
    • DappRadar – Tracker for Dapp user activity

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Tron founder Justin Sun confirmed BitTorrent rumors

Justin Sun has finally confirmed the rumours about BitTorrent and stated that $tron has successfully acquired BitTorrent and all BitTorrent products. That makes  $tron the largest decentralized Internet ecosystem in the world right now.

BitTorrent protocol retains its status as the world’s largest decentralized protocol, once transmitting 40% of daily Internet traffic. BitTorrent created and shaped the protocol, with 70% of BitTorrent users using the product.BitTorrent is the genesis of the decentralization movement.

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Shill Report: Suppoman – 5 Cryptos DESTINED for the Top 10 (17/07/2018)

In this episode we feature one of the biggest crypto shillers of all time, Suppoman himself.

If you’re annoyed by his loud voice, terrible singing, pathological narcissism and silly antics, fret no more. You can now skip watching his life-sucking videos and just pay us a visit for the few bits of actually useful information that he provides.

The reason we feature him is because in spite of his clear self interest and course shilling, he has a very large and loyal following that eats up his every word. If he shills a small enough project they have the ability to pump it up for a few days, so why not go along for the ride, and take their money. Just don’t get carried away and forget to exit before it all comes crashing down.

He is also well informed when it comes to new up-and-coming projects, so it’s worth looking into them a bit more closely, to see if there’s perhaps some more substance behind them than usually, for a more medium to long term investment.

In crypto, it’s all about getting in on the action as early as possible, even if it means having to listen to Suppoman’s annoying screaming to get some early tips. In order to limit the hearing damage to the crypto community, we are willing to sacrifice our own for the benefit of you lot, so you better send us some love over on Facebook.

Anyway, enough babbling, let’s get into it. Here’s what Mr Suppo was shilling in his video entitled 5 Cryptos DESTINED for the Top 10, published on 17/07/2018.

He actually used a new, more hearing friendly format for this video thank god, so feel free to watch it if you want to lose 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

On the other hand, if you value your precious time, this is what what he was shilling:

– Ethos #4

– Nano #3

– VeChain #2

– Ontology #1

– BONUS: Revealed in Udemy course (#Facepalm – Yes, he’s back at it, shilling his Udemy courses. But no need to waste your heard earned money. Based on what he said, we are 99.9% sure it’s Hashgraph.)

OK that’s it for this edition of saving your precious time. If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to show us some love and hit that like button over at our Facebook page and we’ll see you all very soon in the next installment of Shill Report.

Shill Report: CNBC CryptoTrader – Do the big Crypto fund managers believe this bounce? (16/07/2018)

Welcome to our very first “Shill report”, where we take a look at what’s being promoted by influencers and industry giants from the crypto land.

A very popular program on CNBC Afria is Crypto Trader hosted by Ran Neu-Ner. They get exclusive access to crypto’s top experts and we highly recommend you subscribe to their YouTube channel.

The show is quite long though and you may want to keep a pen and paper handy to keep notes for further research. Lucky for you, we’ve already done that and are sharing every last juicy bit of them below for free.

This was a really good episode full of potential crypto unicorns, so well worth your time if you’re searching for the next Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The text is not perfect, and we take no responsibility for any errors or omissions, so make of it what you will, and don’t forget to do your own research.

CNBC CryptoTrader: Do the big Crypto fund managers believe this bounce? Published 16/07/2018

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Travel, write reviews, get paid in crypto

Futourist, the first travel review platform based on Ethereum that rewards users for creating and curating travel reviews with blockchain tokens.
People are creating content for free and businesses generate massive amounts of revenue for displaying this content. Futourist is challenging this unfairness by rewarding all users for their work, from superstar influencers to everyday reviewers.

They will start building on top of an existing and working platform called
OpenHours. It generates more than 1 million monthly users which are perfect for proving the concept.


In the era of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Snapchat, the video is the clear winner of all online content types. The Futorist will be focusing on video reviews. A picture says a thousand words and video is composed of thousands of pictures.
The video is the future of information sharing, because of the speed and convenience of how the information is
created and perceived. And as a bonus, video reviews are trustworthy and hard to fake. You know.. “record it or didn’t happen”.
With Futourist, influencers will have a place to display and directly monetize their content. And through Futourist’s
internal social network, they will have the ability to spread awareness about their content and increase their social

Reviews are one of the most globally spread and helpful kind of information found online. There is a direct correlation
between review content and revenue of the business behind the reviewed object or service. Despite this fact,
reviewers are rarely rewarded for their contribution in any way.
Reviews have an enormous impact on people’s decisions when considering a business to buy services from. People
nowadays tend to trust reviews more than anything else. Research shows that online reviews are as powerful
as any personal recommendation.

Statistics show, that positive feedback from reviewers has an enormous impact on business revenue and can boost
the sales up to 5 times.
• A one-star rating increase on Yelp leads to a 5 – 9% increase in businesses revenue
• Customers are likely to spend up to 31% more on a business with top reviews
• 67% of travelers said they are willing to pay more for a hotel with higher review scores


  • 18% of tokens to cover future team members, advisors, and experts. This will help us build a solid team with years of experience crucial to Futourist growth.
  • 5% of tokens will be reserved for OpenHours platform. Already existing platform that will give them a huge advantage when kickstarting the project was developed by the OpenHours company, but furthermore,
    with 1 mio monthly users, our platform will be ready to launch a lot faster.
  • 25% of tokens will be available for the ICO crowdsale.
  • 7% tokens will be available for future partners
  • 45% of tokens for the Community and for future projects.
    In the first year of runway, Futourist will reward users with a large percentage of reserved tokens. These tokens will be given back to community in form of contest rewards, each with different token amount, time period and









  • Total token supply: FTR
  • Tokens in crowdsale: 350.000.000 FTR (35%)
  • Crowdsale threshold: 700,000€
  • Crowdsale hard cap: 5,600,000€
  • Price per FTR: 0.016€
  • Tokens accepted in ICO Ether (ETH)

Market cap
If there is a hard cap of 5,6 M € for 35% of the tokens that means a total market cap of the project will be worth around 16M in the beginning, this can easily go 10x times the initial token price when the project will be up and running.

The project isn’t hyped but has some recognition it has 7415 telegram members and 3785 twitter followers, it has a lot of local support. There is great involvement of community true rewarding community with FTR tokens for sharing awareness of the project. You can get involved here.

The team is quite young but they managed to establish Sailbrace, an international brand with a 250% year-over-year revenue growth for the last two years. have They have partnered with field specialists as well and have the board of advisors from ICONOMI first Digital Asset Management Platform which are experts in running ICO and cryptocurrencies field.



The One Graph That No One is Paying Attention To

If we’re being honest for a moment, we were all mesmerized by the hockey stick shaped exponential growth charts in crypto token prices on in November and December of last year, and for some strange reason we all thought the party would never end.

Recently however, we’ve been brought back down to Earth with a persistent and relentless downturn in prices, which even the granddaddy of them all, Bitcoin has not been immune from. So what’s going on here? Why is this happening?

First a little history lesson. After every boom there is always a bust. Always! The early investors always profit from the late investors. It’s that simple.

We don’t even have to go that far back to remember what happened to property prices and the economy as a whole less than 10 years ago. And this time it will be no different, trust me. Only in crypto-land it will take place much, much faster. In fact it’s already here, since the recent drop in prices is no ordinary “correction” and here’s why:

“Buy Bitcoin“ search volume on Google Trends.
“Buy Bitcoin“ search volume on Google Trends.

The only reason the prices of crypto tokens were going up like crazy throughout November and December 2017 was because there were tons of new buyers pouring in by the hundreds of thousands every single day. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were the most talked about subjects on TV and at dinner tables across the word. But guess what? As the above chart shows, this is no longer the case.

The interest in Bitcoin has dropped very significantly after the new year and as the prices began to fall, new buyers were were no longer interested and this precipitated a further fall in price, which motivated “hodlers” to start selling. Here’s a quick chart to explain basic market psychology, that has proven true time and time again.


Classic market bubble chart
Classic market bubble chart

And now ask yourself, do you see any similarities between the two charts above! Do you think history is about to repeat itself?

1 Year Bitcoin Chart 1st Feb 2018.
1 Year Bitcoin Chart 1st Feb 2018.

Since its all time high price of $19,909 on 17th December 2017, Bitcoin has lost almost half of its value and now the altcoins are feeling the pain too, with most of them loosing around 30-50% recently. Many new entrants into the crypto market have bought at all time high prices and have suffered devastating losses. Their stories of financial ruin will scare away many new investors and a bear market is now likely to follow. Keep in mind though that this “crypto-bear” won’t last as long as it does in traditional markets.

It’s moments like, when all hope seems lost, and when prices are in what seems like a perpetual free-fall,  that will define you as the investor in the crypto economy. Are you a true believer in the blockchain revolution or did you just come along for the quick buck?

If you are the first, you will see this as a huge opportunity to add to your positions, whereas on the other hand, if you are the latter, you will run like the wind, until the next hype phase comes back. You will of course have missed the big opportunity and will again place yourself in a weak position by buying late.

Remember what Warren Buffett, one of the most successful investors of all time has said:

“Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.“

This is not financial advice. Always do your own research. If you need help with the technical aspects of trading, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We offer one on one consultations at very competitive rates.