How to 5-10x Your Money

Bitcoin is back to making daily headlines on mainstream media channels and given today’s price action, there is little doubt what the BIG topic of conversation was around the Christmas table just a few short days ago. Yes dear readers, the retail traders are well and truly back in crypto land.

Here at Block Throne we are delighted to see our retail friends back in action, because they are just in time for some amazing opportunities for those brave enough to leave the cozy and (relatively) safe confines of the centralised exchanges and venture out into the wild, wild world of 2020’s crypto breakout feature, DeFi.

For those new to crypto, here’s what you’ve missed in the last few months:

During the summer of 2020, a certain thing called DeFi or decentralised finance really took off in a major way. The cornerstone of this mania was a brand new type of exchange, where anyone could list any ERC-20 (Ethereum) token as long as they provided some initial liquidity (i.e. both sides of the trading pair in equal quantities, like 50% ETH and 50% USDC for example). This exchange was called Uniswap. Remember this name as it will be important going forward.

This led to a speculative mania the likes of which we haven’t seen since the venerable days of the 2017 ICO bubble. Tokens were getting listed left, right and centre and due to the nature of the exchange, where there is no order book, just an automated market maker (AMM) protocol, the prices of many of those tokens skyrocketed. Fortunes were made yet again by the early birds and even not so early birds. It was a great time to be in crypto for sure.

But in early September there was a massive selloff and it seemed the bull market was over. But it wasn’t really. While the mainstream projects tumbled, behind the scenes, many new projects continued to be listed and do extremely well. We’re talking 2-3x on the first day and many more Xs later.

Then in the middle of September, out of absolutely nowhere, the UNI token was dropped from the air (airdropped) to everyone that ever used the Uniswap exchange. And no, we’re not talking just $5-10 worth of tokens, as is usually the case with airdrops. Oh no, this was MUCH more valuable! At a minimum, everyone, even folks who’s trades failed, received 400 UNI tokens.

Within 48 hours those 400 UNI tokens were worth almost $3000. The demand for them was insane and many people who frequently interacted with the exchange and especially those who provided the liquidity, made absolute fortunes.

So why am I telling you this now? What’s the point, you already missed it, right?

Well dear readers, the story doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s actually only just getting started. After the UNI airdrop, rumors started going around about another decentralised exchange called 1INCH planning on doing something similar.

And sure enough, just before the end of the year, on Christmas day no less, the 1INCH token was dropped from the sky to loyal 1INCH supporters. This time the minimum airdrop was 600 1INCH tokens, however, since this was a smaller exchange and the max supply was 1.5 billion (1.5x times UNI’s max supply) the maximum you could have sold these tokens for was $1600.

You can still fetch around $600 for them at the time of writing, which is more than a week later, so it’s not like you had to be some kind of fast fingered ninja, to make good bank on this airdrop.

Due to the rampant rumors though, it was not as easy to qualify for this airdrop and many less frequent users of the 1INCH exchange, were unfortunately left empty handed. The conditions were as follows:

All wallets that have interacted with 1inch until December, 24, midnight (UTC), will receive 1INCH tokens as long as they meet one of the following conditions: at least one trade before September, 15, OR at least 4 trades in total OR trades for a total of at least $20.

This is an important point to note, as we move forward with this story, because now things will get interesting for YOU dear readers.

As you’ve probably already guessed, there are more airdrops rumored to be on the way and here at Block Throne, we have the inside scoop on what is most likely to be the most lucrative one of them all.

We are in the process of creating a detailed guide on how to qualify for these tokens, so that everyone (even complete beginners) will be able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. And the best part is that we will be giving it away for FREE to the first 1000 subscribers of our YouTube channel.

So head on over to our YouTube channel and SUBSCRIBE and be sure turn on ALL notifications, because we will be releasing the guide on our YT channel for a limited time only and anyone not subscribed will 100% miss it.

While you wait for our guide, check out these two videos below showing you that this is no made up story for gullible newbies, but a REAL opportunity for folks brave enough to take advantage of it:



Talk to you all soon!

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