$LUNA $UST Madness explained

1) On Friday 13th May at 7PM $UST pumped in just 15 minutes from $0,09 to $0,15 then $LUNA rose over the night from just $0,000088 to $0,00025 by 8:15AM to meet the $UST market cap 1:1. That’s 25/9=2,5x ROI while you sleep, with lots more to come as you wake up.

2) FOMO then took over the market and $LUNA went all the way up to $0,00059 which is when I decided to make a video warning people NOT to buy $LUNA at these levels.

Saturday’s FOMO/SPECULATION drove up the $UST price as well, rising to $0,20 giving $LUNA a temporary fair value of $0,00033 which was useful for calculating support price for swing trades on $LUNA increasing it to $0,00033.

3) SWING TRADERS and profit takers then DROVE $UST/LUNA all the way back down to FAIR VALUE of $0,15 and $0,00025 RESPECTIVELY.

4) Sunday’s FAKE RUMOR slightly pumped $LUNA to $0,00030 and then dumped it all the way down to $0,00017, with the bounce going back to $0,00029 within just 2 hours and ultimately setting around its then current fair price of $0,00025.

5) Monday morning at 11:05AM LFG posted TERRA LUNA’s reserves on Twitter and $UST dumped from $0,13 to $0,08 in just 45 minutes starting at 11am CEST, #LUNA however only very slowly declined from $0,00024 to $0,00018 between 11am and 4:15, when it should have dropped to $0.00013 based on new $UST price of $0,08.

Around 4PM the CNBC article went live and big Telegram groups started posting the news about the drop in TERRA LUNA’s asset reserves and then all hell broke lose with $LUNA dumping to $0,000121 and $UST dropping to $0,052.

The market then rebounded $LUNA all the way up to $0,00024 and $UST to $0,13 both very close to previous fair values of $0,00025 and $0,15. After everything settled $LUNA stabilised at $0,00018 and $UST around $0,09.

The market appears to value $LUNA slightly higher than $UST at the moment, which is quite interesting. If we assume the fair value of $UST is $0,09 then $LUNA should be trading at $0,00015 so keep that in mind!

6) This morning at 8:15AM we saw $UST pump from $0,09 to $0,10 however it quickly retraced all the way back, with $LUNA not responding to this move at all for now.

There may be something brewing behind the scenes, as comments have been closed on Terra’s Telegram channel again, or it could be $UST trading up to $LUNA market cap, however that doesn’t make sense, as it should always be the other way around.

I would definitely keep an eye on this situation today, as it could provide some juicy trading opportunities once again.

If you do decide to trade today, the most important thing to keep in mind is that given the current Terra Luna’s reserves and the $UST/$LUNA circulating supplies, the fair prices are $0,09 and $0,00015 respectively!

Be very careful though and keep an eye on Luna’s Telegram channel, their Twitter page, Do Kwon’s Twitter page, LFG’s Twitter page, CNBC, big trading Telegram groups, etc., as this is a very volatile situation full of pump and dump groups and other scammers looking to take advantage of beginners, so things can and do change in an instant!

Also keep an eye on their forum, where new proposals for solving this mess will be posted, such as this one from Do Kwon.

We covered everything LIVE as it unfolded on our Twitter page, and our YouTube channel, so check them out as well for more details, videos and screenshots of the price action in real time.

Blockchain wallets and airdrops

We all know about Ethereum and the Metamask wallet we can use to access it, but this is 2022 and there are now many other functioning blockchains out there, all of which are thankfully much cheaper to use, however they do often require different wallets to interact with.

But please, don’t let this be the barrier holding you back from using them, because often times great rewards can be earned by simply having a wallet and making a few transactions on the up-and-coming network/dapp.

To help get you started ASAP, we’ve put together this article as a quick and easy overview on this topic, so let’s get straight into it.

Wallet: XUMM
How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00XRBVPGPkM

Wallet: https://namiwallet.io/
How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vf9Px4dC4eM

Wallet: https://plugwallet.ooo/
How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yihJB1s0NvU

Wallet: https://www.keplr.app/
How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thCX8PCZUpY

Wallet: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/terra-station-wallet/aiifbnbfobpmeekipheeijimdpnlpgpp
How to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwxPWMDjSpg

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XRP Token Mania of late 2021

Turns out that the XRP ledger has the ability to host tokens, just like Ethereum and Bitcoin before that (until it was removed to save space on bitcoin’s increasingly congested blockchain).

You can probably guess where this is going. A few days ago, someone decided to issue a token on XRP called XRdoge and it’s done a 20,000% (200x) pump since then.

Not too shabby thought everyone who witnessed it and there has now been an explosion of tokens inside this newly discovered ecosystem.

Because many of us are still very new to the XRP ledger, here is what you need to know to join in on the action.

XRdoge logo
XRdoge – the first MEME token on the XRP ledger

XRP Decentralised exchange: Sologenic (you can use it with the Ledger hardware wallet on PC or XUMM app on your phone) in junction with XRP TOOLS webiste for managing your Ledger XRP wallet.

BTW, Sologenic are doing an airdrop of their SOLO token to SOLO and XRP holders with the snapshot being taken on 24th December 2021 at 8:00 PM UTC/9:00PM CET!

You can register for our upcoming free LIVE webinar (in Slovene) where we will cover this topic in more detail here.

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How to fix a stuck transaction on Ethereum

We’ve all been there right? We went a bit cheap on the GAS price and now, 12 hours later, we’re getting nowhere.

So, what should we do to fix this?

Do not despair, we have you covered!

Thankfully, it’s actually very easy, we just send 0 ETH to ourselves using the same nonce as the stuck transaction and at least a 10% higher gas cost.

For example, if our transaction got stuck at 90 GWEI, we must now offer at least 99 GWEI.

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Ellio Trades Just Dropped His January 2021 Picks

1) RUNE $1.87
2) REN $0.41
3) ALBT $0.36
4) ROOK $188.94
5) ARCH $0.497
6) BRIDGE (pre sale)
7) INJ $5.59
8) OILER (pre sale), HEGIC $0.259, WHITE $2367
9) REVV $0.052
10) PARSIQ ($0.60)
11) AKASH $0.72
12) RAMP $0.25 – SPONSORED

These are his January picks along with their prices as he was recording his video. You’ll want to avoid anything that pumped too hard as there’s a high risk of a major pullback once the hype dies down.

Ellio Trades Crypto YouTube channel has been on an absolute tear this bull season, with his subscriber count exploding from 100k to 175k in a few short months.

He has a very good track record calling out some incredible gainers during this time. Listed above are his January picks published in his “10 COINS TO $10 MILLION! Top coins to GET RICH in January” video published today.

Generally you’ll want to be in his picks within the first couple of hours as they pump very hard, however there have been plenty that have continued to pump for days and even weeks.

REMEMBER these are HIGHLY speculative plays, so don’t risk more than you can afford to lose, no matter how tempting it is.

Crypto Analytics Tools 2021

As the 2021 crypto bull run heats up, it’s time to revisit out toolkit, that will help us keep tabs on the going-ons in crypto so that we’re always the first to join the party, eat that cake and then leave before anyone notices it.

This will be an evolving list and new tools will be added as we find them, so be sure to bookmark this article and come back periodically.

  1. bybt.com – cryptocurrency derivatives data analytics (funding rates, liquidations, longs v shorts, etc)
  2. cryptorank.io – crypto market insights and analytics
  3. blockchaincenter.net – crypto market tracker and analytics platform
  4. defipulse.com – track activity of DeFi projects (total value locked, dominance, etc.)
  5. dextools.io – track the latest and hottest crypto projects not yet available on CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap (15 min. delay)
  6. dex.guru – track the latest crypto projects LIVE
  7. withdrawalfees.com – check crypto withdrawal fees before getting burned by sky high fees like BitStamp’s 0.05ETH ($50) Ethereum withdrawal fee!
  8. txstreet.com – watch ETH/BTC transaction fees in real time
  9. ethgas.watch – GAS price aggregator
  10. ethereumprice.org GAS chart – GAS price tracker
  11. dappradar.com – Dapp activity monitor
  12. icodrops.com – ICO/IDO tracker
  13. coinmarketcal.com – ICO/airdrop/event tracker
  14. cryptopanic.com – crypto news aggregator
  15. airdrops.io – airdrops tracker
  16. lookintobitcoin.com – follow bitcoin’s market cycle charts
  17. revoke.cash – revoke dapp authorisations to spend your crypto
  18. lunarcrush.com – social media sentiment tracker for cryptocurrency markets
  19. bitcointreasuries.org – list of public companies holding Bitcoin
  20. cryptobubbles.net – interactive bubble chart of crypto currencies
  21. watchtheburn.com – track ETH burned after the EIP1559 upgrade
  22. bitcoinwisdom.io – aggregated order book heatmap for multiple exchanges

For Twitter users to follow, just look us up our Twitter (twitter.com/block_throne) and follow us and everyone we follow.

How to 5-10x Your Money

Bitcoin is back to making daily headlines on mainstream media channels and given today’s price action, there is little doubt what the BIG topic of conversation was around the Christmas table just a few short days ago. Yes dear readers, the retail traders are well and truly back in crypto land.

Here at Block Throne we are delighted to see our retail friends back in action, because they are just in time for some amazing opportunities for those brave enough to leave the cozy and (relatively) safe confines of the centralised exchanges and venture out into the wild, wild world of 2020’s crypto breakout feature, DeFi.

For those new to crypto, here’s what you’ve missed in the last few months:

During the summer of 2020, a certain thing called DeFi or decentralised finance really took off in a major way. The cornerstone of this mania was a brand new type of exchange, where anyone could list any ERC-20 (Ethereum) token as long as they provided some initial liquidity (i.e. both sides of the trading pair in equal quantities, like 50% ETH and 50% USDC for example). This exchange was called Uniswap. Remember this name as it will be important going forward.

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What a weekend in Crypto!

Hey everybody, how are you all feeling on this crazy day in crypto?

Wow, what a week this has been! Only a few days ago we saw the biggest launch since the 2017-18 ICO mania, with The Graph (GRT) launching on Binance and Coinbase simultaneously and doing a 4x in just a few short days despite the massive 165 million market cap at launch. INCREDIBLE!

At the same time we saw a bunch of small caps like Parsiq (PRQ), Maha DAO (MAHA), Alliance block (ALBT), and a few others pull their own 2,3,4x pumps.

Within the last few weeks we also saw some mid-caps like Elrond (EGLD) and SwissBorg (CHSB) make very impressive gains.

And to top it all off Elon Musk himself contributed to the hype by tweeting one of the best crypto memes of 2020.

Undoubtedly this was brought on by Bitcoin breaking its all time high of 20k on 16. December 2020 and continuing to pump all the way to 24k.

Not surprisingly, we are currently seeing some profit taking goin on, with red numbers more or less across the board on CoinGecko. Hopefully it’s just a short term correction and we will be back making new all time highs sooner rather than later.

If history is anything to go by, 2021 is looking to be a very hot year for crypto with life-changing, face-melting gains on offer for those brave enough to get involved.

On the other hand, with the crazy turmoil goin on in the world right now and the pump seen in the stock market during 2020, we could also see a bigger correction back to more reasonable levels.

As always, we are faced with big risks and big rewards in crypto. Either way, congratulations are definitely in order for everyone who stuck with crypto through this brutal 3 year bear market. Your just rewards lay ahead, so be sure to trade safe, practice proper risk management and don’t get rekt!

Shill Report: Suppoman – TOP 5 CRYPTOS FOR PASSIVE INCOME!! 🤑 Earn $1K+ Per Month? (20/08/2018)

Suppoman is back with another shill, this time promoting passive income of $1,000 per month plus. What an amazing clickbait title BTW.

To save you listening to him babble on for nearly 40 minutes, piercing your eardrums multiple times in the process, here’s what you actually need to know.

His projections assume two things. First is an investment of $10,000 and second, which is fairly out there to say the least, is that the prices of tokens earned from staking these cryptos will increase 20x in the future (not impossible though, just highly unlikely).

So, with that mega assumption out of the way, here are his picks & projected incomes:

1. Fusion (buy 10205 tokens to earn $90 per month currently and potentially $1,800 in the future)

2. Ontology (buy 4245 tokens to earn $57 per month currently and potentially $1,136 in the future)

3. Wechain (buy 737840 tokens to earn $38per month currently and potentially $769 in the future)

4. Cardano (buy 103092 tokens to earn $29per month currently and potentially $574 in the future)

5. Neo (buy 545 tokens to earn $23per month currently and potentially $472 in the future)

So, if you have $10k US greenbacks burning a hole in your pocket, here’s a super risky way to ensure yourself a life of luxury at some stage in the future.

Suppoman effect on price
Suppoman effect on price – see that huge spike just before 21st Aug? He’s still got it!

Also be sure to check out the comments on his video on YouTube for more ideas of great paying coins such as Neblio, Populous, OmiseGo, Pundi X etc.

Alright, that’s it already guys. If you enjoyed this edition be sure to smash up the likes over at our Facebook page, and we’ll see you all again very soon in the next installment of the Shill Report.

Crypto Trader Resources

There are lots of very good resources available out there, and this post will attempt to list them all in one convenient location. Be sure to check back regularly, as this list will keep getting bigger. Alright, enough with the chit chat already, let’s do this:


    • Coin Market Cap – No. 1 site for following crypto prices
    • Trading View – No. 1 site for stock and crypto chart technical analysis
    • BitcoinWisdom – Bitcoin charting tool
    • Live Coin Watch – Alternative to Coin Market Cap with extra features such as portfolio tracking
    • Coincodex – Alternative to Coin Market Cap
    • Coinlib – Alternative to Coin Market Cap
    • Onchainfx – Advanced coin tracker for traders
    • Coin Gecko – Another alternative crypto price tracker
    • Coin Checkup – Tracker with extra features (worth checking out)
    • ATH Coin Index – Track cryptocurrency performance since their all time high prices & market capitalizations
    • ICO Stats – Track token performance relative to its ICO price (hint: many projects are still massively overpriced, despite the 80-90% drops from ATH)
    • RSI Hunter – Price data analysis tool
    • Grafana – Price data analysis tool
    • San Base – Crypto tracker with signals (beta)
    • Bit Info Charts – As the name implies, lots of info and charts (probably the most complete and information dense source you will find)
    • Coin 360 – A great visual crypto market overview
    • DappRadar – Tracker for Dapp user activity

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