Ellio Trades Just Dropped His January 2021 Picks

1) RUNE $1.87
2) REN $0.41
3) ALBT $0.36
4) ROOK $188.94
5) ARCH $0.497
6) BRIDGE (pre sale)
7) INJ $5.59
8) OILER (pre sale), HEGIC $0.259, WHITE $2367
9) REVV $0.052
10) PARSIQ ($0.60)
11) AKASH $0.72
12) RAMP $0.25 – SPONSORED

These are his January picks along with their prices as he was recording his video. You’ll want to avoid anything that pumped too hard as there’s a high risk of a major pullback once the hype dies down.

Ellio Trades Crypto YouTube channel has been on an absolute tear this bull season, with his subscriber count exploding from 100k to 175k in a few short months.

He has a very good track record calling out some incredible gainers during this time. Listed above are his January picks published in his “10 COINS TO $10 MILLION! Top coins to GET RICH in January” video published today.

Generally you’ll want to be in his picks within the first couple of hours as they pump very hard, however there have been plenty that have continued to pump for days and even weeks.

REMEMBER these are HIGHLY speculative plays, so don’t risk more than you can afford to lose, no matter how tempting it is.

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