LayerZero Airdrop Checklist

LayerZero Airdrop Checklist In late 2022, @ArshiaGS posted guidance for the LayerZero airdrop. In this thread, I’m simplifying the strategy to help you get ready for the $ZRO airdrop.

LayerZero has raised $120M in Series B Funding Round, and its valuation tripled to $3 Billion. Let’s now look at some apps you can use to be prepared for the airdrop:

Use the following bridges • Stargate @StargateFinance • Hashflow @hashflow • LiquidSwap @PontemNetwork • Aptos: • USDC: • Testnet: Trade/Stake/Provide Liquidity • Rage Trade (follow the thread) • Hashflow @hashflow • LiquidSwap @PontemNetwork • Radiant @RDNTCapital • Stargate @StargateFinance • Angle @AngleProtocol

Rage Trade Potential Airdrop! Rage Trade is a yield and perpetual protocol built on #Arbitrum and #LayerZero. So, by participating in this, we’re targeting three airdrops with one stone.

Let’s look at our strategy for this potential airdrop.

Omni NFTs & Quests • Complete Stargate and Radiant quests on @layer3xyz • Mint ONFTs on @OmniSea Participate in Governance • Vote on Snapshot proposals from the projects in the LayerZero ecosystem such as Stargate. For Stargate, you need to lock/stake $STG to get voting power and vote on Snapshot:

Arshia’s post:…


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