XRP Token Mania of late 2021

Turns out that the XRP ledger has the ability to host tokens, just like Ethereum and Bitcoin before that (until it was removed to save space on bitcoin’s increasingly congested blockchain).

You can probably guess where this is going. A few days ago, someone decided to issue a token on XRP called XRdoge and it’s done a 20,000% (200x) pump since then.

Not too shabby thought everyone who witnessed it and there has now been an explosion of tokens inside this newly discovered ecosystem.

Because many of us are still very new to the XRP ledger, here is what you need to know to join in on the action.

XRdoge logo
XRdoge – the first MEME token on the XRP ledger

XRP Decentralised exchange: Sologenic (you can use it with the Ledger hardware wallet on PC or XUMM app on your phone) in junction with XRP TOOLS webiste for managing your Ledger XRP wallet.

BTW, Sologenic are doing an airdrop of their SOLO token to SOLO and XRP holders with the snapshot being taken on 24th December 2021 at 8:00 PM UTC/9:00PM CET!

You can register for our upcoming free LIVE webinar (in Slovene) where we will cover this topic in more detail here.

XRP Wallet: XUMM (App on your smartphone) or Ledger hardware wallet (on PC use with Sologenic DEX to buy/sell tokens and XRP tools to manage trustlines and also for trading)

Xumm DEX: https://xumm.app/detect/xapp:xumm.dex
Answers: 1b, 2d, 3c, 4a, 5c (a…1st answer, b…2nd answer, c…3rd answer, d…4th answer)

XRP Ledger explorer: https://xrpscan.com/

On the mobile you can use the XUMM app for everything (buying/selling/holding), while on the desktop you will need an XRP wallet such as a Ledger Nano S for example and then use the Sologenic exchange for trading and XRP tools for managing your wallet (adding trustlines for example).

Adding a token

To add a new token to your wallet, you will need to set up a trustline, which is like adding a coin in MetaMask, but it locks up 2 XRP and requires a transaction on the main net.

In XUMM app all you need to do is click on the corresponding link and confirm the transaction. For a full list of tokens please see: https://xumm.community/tokens

On PC, use XRP tools to setup a trustline (click on token name here for techincal details required), instructions are available here: https://youtu.be/PRXDQVGykFk?t=323

Check your trustline status (during airdrops): https://trustlines.xrplstatus.com/
Check your place in trustline order: https://daybreaktech.github.io/#/lookup

XRP Airdrops list: https://gadget78.uk/


Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA&currency=XRdoge&limit=100000000000
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?network=mainnet&market=5852646F67650000000000000000000000000000%2BrLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA%2FXRP
XPmarket: https://xpmarket.com/dex/XRdoge-rLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA/XRP
Telegram: https://t.me/XRdoge
Discord: https://discord.gg/VHUbWzPw
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheXRDoge/comments/qfkfd1/welcome_to_the_official_xrdoge_subreddit/
Vote for listing on Bitrue: https://www.bitrue.com/act/votelisting

How to buy (VIDEO): https://youtu.be/p6OpiQseqL4

Total supply: 100,000,000,000
Market cap: 100 million at 0.001 price, currently at 0.001167 so 116.7 million (06-11-2021@14:40)

Issuer: rLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA
Currency: XRdoge
Currency (HEX-Code): 5852646F67650000000000000000000000000000
Supply: 99999925890

How to trade XRDoge via XRPTOOLS

  • Install Xumm wallet
  • Deposit XRP in your Xumm wallet (add 10XRP for the activation, 2XRP for trustline)
  • Setup the trustline by clicking on the link above or do it manually by going to https://xumm.community/
  • Connecting your Xumm wallet
  • Then set up a “Trust Set” and add this address : rLqUC2eCPohYvJCEBJ77eCCqVL2uEiczjA (You don’t need a memo for confirmation)
  • Go to https://www.xrptoolkit.com/trade & connect your Xumm wallet, then search for XRdoge (it will only show if you’ve setup a trustline, otherwise it needs to be added manually – see info above)
  • Buy/sell XRDoge

Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rpD9gvxp7RCKrTrYAyTdueF9ApApbP5ZnN&currency=XShibanu&limit=9999999999
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?market=5853686962616E75000000000000000000000000%2BrpD9gvxp7RCKrTrYAyTdueF9ApApbP5ZnN%2FXRP&network=mainnet
Telegram: https://t.me/XRPLShibanu

Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rUtXeAXonpFpgKubAa7LxcLd7NFep92T1t&currency=XFLOKI&limit=1000000000000000
Sologenic (XFloki/XRP !!no order book, use to track the price!!): https://sologenic.org/trade?market=58464C4F4B490000000000000000000000000000%2BrUtXeAXonpFpgKubAa7LxcLd7NFep92T1t%2FXRP&network=mainnet
Sologenic (XRP/XFloki !!Sell XRP to buy XFloki!!): https://sologenic.org/trade?market=XRP%2F58464C4F4B490000000000000000000000000000%2BrUtXeAXonpFpgKubAa7LxcLd7NFep92T1t&network=mainnet
Telegram: https://t.me/XFLOKICOIN

Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rLpL5d9qubKjht8GnkxgnVTQPq9MKNc757&currency=XWSB&limit=100000000000
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?market=5857534200000000000000000000000000000000%2BrLpL5d9qubKjht8GnkxgnVTQPq9MKNc757%2FXRP&network=mainnet
Check your trustline (Issuer’s address: rLpL5d9qubKjht8GnkxgnVTQPq9MKNc757): https://daybreaktech.github.io/#/lookup
Discord: https://discord.gg/K6eyymXd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xwallstreetbets
Website: https://xwallstreetbets.com/

XSAMO – airdrop in progress on 06-11-2021, careful trading until it is complete, XWSB received 5 million Xsamo tokens, then other will receive tokens as per Twitter post below.
Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rMVufScdiavFvGzVBZryTTRu2DxRuEqos5&currency=XSAMO&limit=1000000000
Check your trustline (Issuer’s address: rMVufScdiavFvGzVBZryTTRu2DxRuEqos5): https://daybreaktech.github.io/#/lookup
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?market=5853414D4F000000000000000000000000000000%2BrMVufScdiavFvGzVBZryTTRu2DxRuEqos5%2FXRP&network=mainnet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xrpsamoyed

XRShib – Airdrop in progres as of 07-11-2021
Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rN3EeRSxh9tLHAUDmL7Chh3vYYoUafAyyM&currency=XRSHIB&limit=100000000000
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?market=5852534849420000000000000000000000000000%2BrN3EeRSxh9tLHAUDmL7Chh3vYYoUafAyyM%2FXRP
Twitter (TL post): https://twitter.com/XRshib/status/1457001652402024450?s=20
Other related links: https://linktr.ee/XRshib

Sigma Finance – Airdrop in progress as of 09-11-2021 at 02:44 CET
AD Conditions:

  • Snapshot and subsequently the #airdrop is scheduled to take place on 08-11-2021 at 8:44pm EST (02:44 CET, 09-11-2021), after the exclusion of accounts under 200 #XRP.
  • Then, we will run accounts and those with over 200 XRP will be sent 8 XSF and accounts over 800 XRP will be sent 88 XSF.
  • Trustlines will be sent their airdrop in order from earliest to latest, until all tokens have been dispersed. The account reserve counts towards your total XRP balance being considered for the airdrop.
  • We have allocated 70% of the supply of XSF to be airdropped/given away with 33% of total supply (285,413.04 tokens) going towards the airdrop (3,243-35,676 TLs based on 8 and 88 ADs), after that is finished 11% of total supply will remain to be given away via community events through Twitter and Discord!

Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rpU72WXz1b9bnq4ZePgMvddovTwFXxY2Ar&currency=SigmaFinance&limit=864888
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?network=mainnet&market=5369676D6146696E616E63650000000000000000%2BrpU72WXz1b9bnq4ZePgMvddovTwFXxY2Ar%2FXRP
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SigmaPhinance
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/JNeKshYQz3
Whitepaper: https://app.luminpdf.com/viewer/6184772d1911fc0011947f07

Issuer: rpU72WXz1b9bnq4ZePgMvddovTwFXxY2Ar
Token Hex Code: 5369676D6146696E616E63650000000000000000
Limit: 864888

Total supply: 864,888
70% Distribution: 605,421.6
20% Team/Development: 172,977.6
10% Exchange Liquidity: 86,488.8

70% of the total supply will be distributed via airdrops, giveaways or rewards on our social media platforms to early adopters. 26% out of the 70% supply for distribution has already been given away to early members of our community. 20% shall be retained by Sigma Syndicate for further development of the project. The remaining 10% will be used for exchange liquidity.

Distribution so far 08-11-2021:

  • 26% was given away already
  • 33% is going to be airdropped
  • this equals 59%
  • so 70% – 59% = 11% for giveaways

Trustline: https://xumm.community/?issuer=rEvV6gWZn2HgEr3nkj3xBmgCTqyWcknjMD&currency=584D6F6F6E000000000000000000000000000000&limit=49998599999
Sologenic: https://sologenic.org/trade?market=584D6F6F6E000000000000000000000000000000%2BrEvV6gWZn2HgEr3nkj3xBmgCTqyWcknjMD%2FXRP&network=mainnet
Issuer: rEvV6gWZn2HgEr3nkj3xBmgCTqyWcknjMD
Token Hex Code: 584D6F6F6E000000000000000000000000000000
Limit: 49998599999

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