$LUNA $UST Madness explained

1) On Friday 13th May at 7PM $UST pumped in just 15 minutes from $0,09 to $0,15 then $LUNA rose over the night from just $0,000088 to $0,00025 by 8:15AM to meet the $UST market cap 1:1. That’s 25/9=2,5x ROI while you sleep, with lots more to come as you wake up.

2) FOMO then took over the market and $LUNA went all the way up to $0,00059 which is when I decided to make a video warning people NOT to buy $LUNA at these levels.

Saturday’s FOMO/SPECULATION drove up the $UST price as well, rising to $0,20 giving $LUNA a temporary fair value of $0,00033 which was useful for calculating support price for swing trades on $LUNA increasing it to $0,00033.

3) SWING TRADERS and profit takers then DROVE $UST/LUNA all the way back down to FAIR VALUE of $0,15 and $0,00025 RESPECTIVELY.

4) Sunday’s FAKE RUMOR slightly pumped $LUNA to $0,00030 and then dumped it all the way down to $0,00017, with the bounce going back to $0,00029 within just 2 hours and ultimately setting around its then current fair price of $0,00025.

5) Monday morning at 11:05AM LFG posted TERRA LUNA’s reserves on Twitter and $UST dumped from $0,13 to $0,08 in just 45 minutes starting at 11am CEST, #LUNA however only very slowly declined from $0,00024 to $0,00018 between 11am and 4:15, when it should have dropped to $0.00013 based on new $UST price of $0,08.

Around 4PM the CNBC article went live and big Telegram groups started posting the news about the drop in TERRA LUNA’s asset reserves and then all hell broke lose with $LUNA dumping to $0,000121 and $UST dropping to $0,052.

The market then rebounded $LUNA all the way up to $0,00024 and $UST to $0,13 both very close to previous fair values of $0,00025 and $0,15. After everything settled $LUNA stabilised at $0,00018 and $UST around $0,09.

The market appears to value $LUNA slightly higher than $UST at the moment, which is quite interesting. If we assume the fair value of $UST is $0,09 then $LUNA should be trading at $0,00015 so keep that in mind!

6) This morning at 8:15AM we saw $UST pump from $0,09 to $0,10 however it quickly retraced all the way back, with $LUNA not responding to this move at all for now.

There may be something brewing behind the scenes, as comments have been closed on Terra’s Telegram channel again, or it could be $UST trading up to $LUNA market cap, however that doesn’t make sense, as it should always be the other way around.

I would definitely keep an eye on this situation today, as it could provide some juicy trading opportunities once again.

If you do decide to trade today, the most important thing to keep in mind is that given the current Terra Luna’s reserves and the $UST/$LUNA circulating supplies, the fair prices are $0,09 and $0,00015 respectively!

Be very careful though and keep an eye on Luna’s Telegram channel, their Twitter page, Do Kwon’s Twitter page, LFG’s Twitter page, CNBC, big trading Telegram groups, etc., as this is a very volatile situation full of pump and dump groups and other scammers looking to take advantage of beginners, so things can and do change in an instant!

Also keep an eye on their forum, where new proposals for solving this mess will be posted, such as this one from Do Kwon.

We covered everything LIVE as it unfolded on our Twitter page, and our YouTube channel, so check them out as well for more details, videos and screenshots of the price action in real time.

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