Shill Report: CNBC CryptoTrader – Do the big Crypto fund managers believe this bounce? (16/07/2018)

Welcome to our very first “Shill report”, where we take a look at what’s being promoted by influencers and industry giants from the crypto land.

A very popular program on CNBC Afria is Crypto Trader hosted by Ran Neu-Ner. They get exclusive access to crypto’s top experts and we highly recommend you subscribe to their YouTube channel.

The show is quite long though and you may want to keep a pen and paper handy to keep notes for further research. Lucky for you, we’ve already done that and are sharing every last juicy bit of them below for free.

This was a really good episode full of potential crypto unicorns, so well worth your time if you’re searching for the next Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The text is not perfect, and we take no responsibility for any errors or omissions, so make of it what you will, and don’t forget to do your own research.

CNBC CryptoTrader: Do the big Crypto fund managers believe this bounce? Published 16/07/2018

1) Olaf Carlson-Wee – Polychain Capital, Ex Coinbase: Still confident in Crypto future, Crypto now much bigger than during the last two crypto winters. We need to think long term, ie years and decades. We invest in infrastructure projects. Media coverage causes these massive hype cycles, but the bottom is always higher than before. Likes EOS, Tezos, Cosmos, Difinity, Filecoin, Polkadot
2) Adam Draper – Boost VC (Led one of the first Bitcoin investment funds): 70% drops in crypto are nothing new, we are in the build phase of the crypto ecosystem, so that’s to be expected. He is excited about NFT tokens (non fungibles – ERC721 ie CryptoKitties – invested in Dark Winds) due to scarcity being now available on the internet. Perfect for virtual reality. TOP 5 coins: Bitcoin, Anything governance like Eragon, privacy like Keep (very happy with this project), RCN (Ripio) BC credit network, VR like decentraland – thanks to digital scarcity. When big investors come in and launch smart contracts it will be huge.

3) Joey Krug – Pantera Capital/Augur: DEX – 0x, Cyper, Harbour, Stable coins (Basis, Fragments). Expects many tokens/projects to not survive. Is bullish on Ethereum, not so much on NEO, unsure about EOS and Cardano, due to Ethereum head start. Invested in ETH, Thunder Token (likes Elaine Shi), Avalanche.
4) Tushar Jain – Multicoin Capital managing partner: likes native tokens of smart contract platforms, gaming, prediction markets, Top projects: ETH, EOS,
5) Dispatch Labs (Chikodi Chima – Marketing manager and 2 others): Dispatch Labs is a fast feeles network using the gossip protocol like Nano on top of DPOS enabling 107k transactions per second.
6) Oasis Labs (Dawn Song, CEO, CS professor at UC Berkley for over 10 years): Oasis Labs is privacy first cloud computing on the blockchain. Testnet is coming soon. Many big name investors behind the project! Private only!
7) Origo (Baron Gong, CEO): Privacy for payments (like Monero to hide transaction details) and smart contracts (to hide information that Dapps use). They use zero knowledge proofs. Testnet is ready ahead of schedule. 30 mill raised in private sale (big name investors invested), next month (late July) a small public sale is coming. Keep a close eye on this one!
8) Reserve (stable coin) Nevin Freeman, Co-founder: Stablecoin makes crypto usable in the real world so it’s very important for crypto to have one. They use a crypto collateral setup with crypto assets instead of dollars to make it fully transparent, so no need for audits. To invest buy the secondary token called Reserve share. Backed by Coinbase, Peter Thiel, private pre-sale only.
9) Metacert (Paul Walsh, CEO): Crypto cyber security, ie stops phishing by verifying addresses for example. Their software is already used on Telegram to stop spam, scams etc. 10-15 mill ICO coming soon. Currently in private pre-sale.
10) Tari (Naveen Jain, CEO): second layer on top of Monero to store digital assets (non fungibles – e-tickets, virtual game assets etc) i.e. Programmable e-tickets: if resold original owner gets a cut of the profit and other rules for transacting. Very early stage project, privately founded, 1st use case to be revealed later in the year, testnet next year.

OK folks, that’s it for this one. We hope you enjoyed it and found some value in it. If you did, please follow us on Facebook so that we know you want to see more. Also, don’t be shy and get in touch. Let us know who else you would like us to feature in our Shill reports.

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