Shill Report: Suppoman – 5 Cryptos DESTINED for the Top 10 (17/07/2018)

In this episode we feature one of the biggest crypto shillers of all time, Suppoman himself.

If you’re annoyed by his loud voice, terrible singing, pathological narcissism and silly antics, fret no more. You can now skip watching his life-sucking videos and just pay us a visit for the few bits of actually useful information that he provides.

The reason we feature him is because in spite of his clear self interest and course shilling, he has a very large and loyal following that eats up his every word. If he shills a small enough project they have the ability to pump it up for a few days, so why not go along for the ride, and take their money. Just don’t get carried away and forget to exit before it all comes crashing down.

He is also well informed when it comes to new up-and-coming projects, so it’s worth looking into them a bit more closely, to see if there’s perhaps some more substance behind them than usually, for a more medium to long term investment.

In crypto, it’s all about getting in on the action as early as possible, even if it means having to listen to Suppoman’s annoying screaming to get some early tips. In order to limit the hearing damage to the crypto community, we are willing to sacrifice our own for the benefit of you lot, so you better send us some love over on Facebook.

Anyway, enough babbling, let’s get into it. Here’s what Mr Suppo was shilling in his video entitled 5 Cryptos DESTINED for the Top 10, published on 17/07/2018.

He actually used a new, more hearing friendly format for this video thank god, so feel free to watch it if you want to lose 15 minutes of your life that you will never get back.

On the other hand, if you value your precious time, this is what what he was shilling:

– Ethos #4

– Nano #3

– VeChain #2

– Ontology #1

– BONUS: Revealed in Udemy course (#Facepalm – Yes, he’s back at it, shilling his Udemy courses. But no need to waste your heard earned money. Based on what he said, we are 99.9% sure it’s Hashgraph.)

OK that’s it for this edition of saving your precious time. If you enjoyed this piece, be sure to show us some love and hit that like button over at our Facebook page and we’ll see you all very soon in the next installment of Shill Report.